Business World Universally admit the QUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS in considering the type of product. "QUALITY" is the only scale by which the credibility are measured. "GAYATRI METAL ENTERPRISE" is also very much particular to maintain the highest possible quality of its brass products. To have the perfect control over the quality the activities are divided in two parts.

  • Physical
  • Strength and dimensional control

For both the aspect, Q. C. staffs are available in every stage of production right from the selection of raw material to the packing of final products.


A Q. C. staff verifies the standard of selected raw material and ensures that the materials are free from any defect. There after checks are being carried out by the staff at frequent interval during every stage of production for maintaining the defect free structure of the product and for a durable and pleasant look of the finish.


The primary duty of the staffs engaged in this sector is to control and guide to ensure in every stage of production that the product do posses the required strength including the safety factor, for which it is designed and also posses the specified dimension. Modern and latest measuring instruments like digital vernier micrometer etc. are used to ensure the specified dimension of the products.

Q. C. staffs are engaged at final stage of packing also to ensure that no cut, scratch or indent likely to take place during transaction due to improper packing.